The Colorado Probate Process

Probate is the process of re-titling assets from someone who has died to the beneficiaries entitled to receive them, whether according to an estate plan, or Colorado law if the deceased person had no plan. Whether probate occurs depends on the type and value of assets in the estate.  Colorado’s probate process usually is not particularly complicated, but it comes with duties, document filing requirements and deadlines, as well as potential personal liability for a personal representative who doesn’t follow the rules. If you are serving as the personal representative (executor), of an estate, you may be facing unfamiliar processes and paperwork.  We can advise you regarding your duties and responsibilities.

How We Can Help

  • Produce and file routine estate administrative paperwork
  • Handle claims, including disputed claims
  • Calendar and follow up with deadline-sensitive tasks
  • Prepare documents for asset transfers
  • Seek Court instructions or intervention if questions or disputes arise