To Our Professional Colleagues

We understand the importance of exchanging inquiries and ideas so that all of us can better serve our clients.  We’re indebted to you, our colleagues, for sharing expertise in your own fields with us, and we hope that if you have a question regarding Colorado estate planning or administration, you won’t hesitate to call, write or send us an email. 

Colorado Attorneys

We often receive inquiries from attorneys practicing in family law, real estate and other areas when their work relates to an estate planning or administration matter. Some common inquiries we assist with include:

  • Trust assets as separate or marital property in dissolution of marriage
  • Common law marriage
  • Disclaimers of assets in family law matters
  • Effect of Colorado’s “slayer statute” on estate distribution
  • Pledging trust assets or prospective inheritances as collateral for debts
  • Trusts for business assets
  • Personal representative’s deeds and Trustee’s deeds
  • Structured settlements in conservatorships

Out of State Attorneys

For attorneys outside the state, we commonly assist with:

  • Ancillary estate administration
  • Transfers of real property to trusts established in other jurisdictions
  • Local litigation on behalf of out-of-state beneficiaries of Colorado estates  
  • Out-of-state guardians and conservators for Colorado residents

We would be pleased to help you.  If your question falls outside our area of practice, we can probably connect you with another highly competent local professional who can assist you.