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Our attorneys have more than fifty years of combined experience in helping clients and their families navigate the process of estate planning and administration of trusts and estates.  From simple wills to complex tax-planning trusts, and from routine to high-conflict estate administration, we’re here to help.

We help estate planning clients develop and implement strategies that meet their needs and achieve their goals.  We understand that the process may look overwhelming at first, but it’s almost always easier than you think.

A good estate plan not only addresses what happens to assets when you die, but also who manages assets if you become incapacitated.  It can include appointing guardians and creating trusts for young children, agreements to protect assets acquired before marriage and business succession arrangements.  

Planning can prevent family conflict, estate taxes and lengthy and expensive litigation, but more importantly, it creates your personal legacy. We also help our clients navigate trust and probate administration, secure protective arrangements for minors and for incapacitated adults, and address contested issues in a variety of estate-related litigation matters.  


Advising Fiduciaries

Guiding trustees, agents, and personal representatives regarding their legal duties. 

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Estate Planning

Wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, powers of attorney and beneficiary designations.

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Guidance and support for personal representatives (executors), trustees, and agents under powers of attorney. 

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Protective Proceedings

Establishing court-supervised protective arrangements for children and for incapacitated adults.

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Estate Litigation

Seeking redress for mismanagement of assets by agents, personal representatives and trustees; contested wills; claims against estates.

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Marital Agreements

Protecting non-marital estate assets from spousal claims, simplifying division of assets in the event of divorce. 

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Our office is conveniently located at 2038 Vermont Drive. We are pleased to serve clients from communities along the Front Range and Northern Colorado.

Our goals are to hear and analyze your concerns; to serve you efficiently, promptly and professionally; and to respond with strategies that meet your needs.       

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